Keep Idaho growing.

Glyphosate-based pesticides are Idaho farmers’ #1 tool to control weeds, keep yields high, and implement conservation practices that use less land and resources. These products are integral to the production of our crops, helping Idaho farms compete in an increasingly competitive global market and ensuring a robust and affordable domestic food supply.

National security

Don't Make Idaho Farmers Reliant On Foreign Countries.

Food security is national security. From critical agricultural inputs to semiconductors, medicine, and PPE, we must maintain strong domestic supply chains to ensure America has continued access to essential products.

The U.S. is one of only two countries that produce glyphosate.

Domestic pesticide production ensures American farmers have the tools they need without relying on foreign countries.

Without domestically-produced glyphosate, American farmers would be forced to rely on foreign-produced glyphosate.

Economic impact

Glyphosate supports hundreDs of Idaho jobs.

Idaho is home to the world’s largest mine of a key glyphosate ingredient—and the only in the Western Hemisphere.

Roughly 800 employees directly support the production of glyphosate in Idaho.

For nearly half a century, glyphosate has enabled Idaho farmers to implement conservation practices that use fewer resources, helping family farms compete in the global market.

Farmers are already struggling to turn a profit. Nearly three-quarters of farms make less than 10 cents on every dollar they spend—and that’s before taxes.

Glyphosate-based pesticides save Idaho farmers up to 150% on input costs compared to pricier alternatives.

Decreased crop yields would make it very difficult for Idaho farmers to stay in business.

farmers’ livelihoods

Don’t make the toughest job on Earth even tougher.

Food security

An essential tool for a growing population.

Idaho farmers rely on pesticides like glyphosate to grow their crops and keep yields high, ensuring we have enough to eat.

Up to 40% of crops are lost to pests and diseases each year.

Without pesticides, losses could be as high as 85%.

Higher prices and lower yields would result in many more people going hungry, particularly disadvantaged children.

Organizations that support the Modern Ag Alliance and Idaho farmers

Our CROPS can’t wait. Protect glyphosate.