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For nearly half a century, glyphosate has been an instrumental tool in allowing American farmers to affordably protect crops from weeds, keep yields high, and compete in the global market.​

However, a lack of legislative certainty around pesticide labeling has fueled costly litigation and enabled efforts in states like California to regulate pesticides in a manner inconsistent with federal law and congressional intent and based on scientifically unsound considerations. While glyphosate is the topic today, if not addressed, the future of valuable crop protection tools and critical innovations may be at stake.

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Farmers need glyphosate and other crop protection tools.

Farmers need glyphosate and other crop protection tools.

Farmers need legislative certainty, that while states have every right to build on the federal government's baseline regulations, they should not have the ability to directly contradict the scientific findings and ignore the rigorous review processes already in place.

Food security is national security. Domestic pesticide production ensures American farmers have the tools they need without relying on foreign countries.

With the help of federal and state policymakers, growers around the country, the agricultural community, and others, we can help ensure that glyphosate remains available to America’s farmers. Tell your elected officials: Stand with Farmers, not the Litigation Industry.

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